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Managing 40 Parts for an Icemaker Launch

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Like many successful OEMs, Scotsman Ice Systems expects much from each supplier partner.

That was especially true when the Vernon Hills, Ill.-based company set out to create its Prodigy line, the next generation of its smart, energy-efficient ice machines. With so much riding on the success of this powerful new product, Scotsman officials knew they needed great support from the very beginning.

Scotsman called on its longtime injection molding supplier, Donnelly, to manage a complex process from start to finish involving 40 injection molds and related plastic parts. Donnelly sourced the building of the molds in China and launched the part manufacturing in Alexandria, Minn. Donnelly’s project management ensured a high-quality product, shipped on time and on budget.

The Benefits of Customer Intimacy
We dove right into the project, thanks to our strategic model of customer intimacy that enables us to know each customer’s business like a trusted and dear friend.

The smooth translation of Prodigy’s imaginative design into high-quality components at a competitive price was made possible by our refined launch process and experienced engineers. For example, due to cost constraints, the molds were sourced in China. Global sourcing can be risky in terms of quality and delivery, but our experienced team has long traveled to China to set up an effective process that produces good results. This approach ensures that tight budgets, quality standards and delivery times were met.

A Growing Partnership
The complicated transfer of the 40 molds easily met launch deadlines. Donnelly also added value to the process with assembly, shipping and inventory management. Throughout the launch process, our team met budgetary and timeline requirements. Prodigy launched as planned, and to great reviews.

“Donnelly’s people understand our business and the industry better than anyone else,” said Scotsman’s Alex Harvey. “When Donnelly recommends something, you can count on it.”

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“Donnelly’s people understand our business and the industry better than anyone else.”

Manager, Supply Chain, Scotsman

“When Donnelly recommends something, you can count on it.”

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