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A leading industrial OEM uncovered a problem during its regular review of its supply chain: a supplier was on the verge of bankruptcy. This posed a significant risk for over 120 tools essential to many of their products. Company officials had to act fast to find new suppliers that could get the various tools up and running quickly and at the quality levels they needed.

Starting up Fast with a New Supplier
After a deep dive exploring Donnelly’s operations, the OEM awarded us the transfer of 8-12 molds at a time for 10 weeks.

Meanwhile, at Donnelly, we’d been doing our own due diligence. We examined all the tools, some of which were 20 years old and in need of repair. By prioritizing tools in need of repair, we knew we’d cut time and recurring costs from related parts – without causing an interruption in the supply chain.

Results of the Transfer
The OEM and Donnelly completed a seamless tool transfer, without missing a single product shipment. Solid planning and steadfast support made for smooth execution and rapid problem solving.

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“We’ve interacted with every level of their organization, from president to people on the shop floor, and they’ve been extremely flexible and responsive.”

Director, Global Supply Chain

“On top of it all, Donnelly has been supporting some new projects and initiatives, working on new product development with us.”

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